Information Design: making a new Alphabet

complementation1This really blew my mind – it’s like doing math in Roman Numerals and then doing math with Arabic numbers. What is XVII times VCII? I dunno.

But 100 X 4 is easy. This change in fundamental technology a thousand years ago made a real impact on people’s lives.

In genetics, scientists use CGAT to indicate gene sequences…letter abbreviations that come from the names of the DNA components, Cytosine, Guanine, Adenine, Thymine. These chemicals are complementary…CG and AT go together to make up a new strand of DNA.

This essentail information is hidden using this language.

But the AmbiScript language makes this design language apparent…even from a distance…it makes reading a DNA sequence a more visual and more intuitive expereince.

I love that in order to solve a problem, we just might be using the wrong vocabulary or even the wrong alphabet.


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