Usability is just the start

I really enjoyed this article. It’s a few years old, but still relevant:

“Usability doesn’t really get at the psychological and emotional context of use. Usability will tell you, from an ergonomic perspective, what people can do with a product, but there is lot more to making a product successful in the marketplace and making a product feel successful in people’s minds. Often, we find that clients come to us, thinking they have a usability problem, but it turns out that their products are pretty usable. The reason that the product is falling short is it is not satisfying an emotional or psychological need.”

Reading that phrase brought be back to an article by Jenn Bove of Kicker.

“Making technology feel more human is not an easy task – human isn’t something that systems and software understand. We use logic, metaphors, and language to make machine interactions feel less like machines and more like us.”

That, in the end, is a job for Empathy, Intuition and a solid application of Humanity.

It definitely takes a second draft. Oh, that there were always time and budget for that second draft! That is why is so crucial to get things right – we rarely get the second chance to make a first impression on the consumer and the market.


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