Can I tweet that? Or, why can’t I find anything interesting?

Sigh. One of my office-mates wants to use twitter as a work message board.

Is Twitter *for* anything?

Am I just a luddite?

Anyway… is a cool idea. It’s like tapping into the collective unconscious, on multiple topics.

But as with so many things…it is only in agggregate that information become really interesting.

After looking into twitter aggregators I reminded of another NY Times article about the Loss of Serendipity in our lives. On the one hand…things like twiter can help us find new things…on the other hand, we’re only finding things that other people are finding. The “most emailed” list can be almost like a self fulfilling prophesy…or, as the article says, “group think.”

I think I might just continue with my information diet.


1 Response to “Can I tweet that? Or, why can’t I find anything interesting?”

  1. 1 dastillman August 4, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    One more thing:
    aggregate date presented in the awesomest way possible. Good data always helps.

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