Make Love, not products.

I was invigorated by Marisa Peacock’s account of Forrester Research’s report on Emotional Experience Design Principles.

The key take home is to “engage with the customer, not the product.” How?

Invest in ethnographic research: To uncover users’ unmet needs and aspirations Forrester recommends using qualitative insights gathered through ethnographic research.Techniques like contextual interviews and field studies can provide insights for designing broad-based customer interactions that span channels and provide context for users’ website visits

Garner emotional feedback during testing: Companies should supplement screen observation with other tools for gathering nonverbal feedback such as facial expressions and body language so as to learn more than just where people went and what they said as they tried to use a site.

Non-verbal information, emotional values, thoughts and dreams (more here) are what we need from consumers more than what simply does and doesn’t work.

As Tucker Viemeister said “Beauty is to function as making love is to Lust”. Mere function is not good enough. We have to connect emotionally, to make love!

Beauty:function :: love:lust


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