ITP 2009

All in all, ITP is always fun, sometimes underwhelming. The best pieces are little jokes or games. One of the nicest was just a tent with a video projection on the surface of a campfire and woods. A bunch of us sat inside and just felt like we were backyard camping. It was a nice refuge.


IMG_1088 This was fun…The Face Fight Machine was a fun, collaborative drawing tool… You and a partner draw your faces simultaneously, using two styli that are linked…you move together. I liked that the only button clears the screen and prints your result at the same time.


IMG_1091 This was just plain creepy. But a cool use of a pico projector. The face, a looping video of some random expressions, follows you around using camera tracking.

IMG_1094 This was just upsetting…red, bloody drops where there’s been genocide or terrorism. The ink is stored in an IV bag. Nice.


IMG_1096 Delta was a fun concept, but a bit ham-handed and over-the top on the symbolism. There are two cameras that show you yourself from two angles.


 IMG_1097 IMG_1105IMG_1104

This one was fun…best use of laser-cutting and masonite in show, I think. More here.


IMG_1106 This wins best (and only) use of a barrel in show. Fun to ride. True story.

My last stop was the Life Dress. Elizabeth Fuller kept me occupied until the end of show with her seriously-siliconed-out dress, filled with LEDs and wires, ready to flash whatever. She’s planning a 2.0 version with more tiles.


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