Mapping to Know

Spending a slow day at the office bursting my mind with knowledge…it’s fun.

It all started with a great LinkedIn Discussion on Research methods. This post is a “cream of the crop” memory device for me. The diagram above is from Liz Sanders of MakeTools out of Ohio. What I love about this is that it shows that user research is not just evaluative, but can be seen as truly generative of real ideas. In a recent conversation with a lead creative at another firm, he pushed back on design research, citing the old Henry Ford chestnut about faster horses. Humbug, I say!

I found the diagram below on Service Design Tools. They have a ton of awesome links and ideas.


I like that this diagram is introduced first as a chart, then as a UX experience storyline. It’s like a chart-story. Wonky. Me like.


I enjoyed this diagram from this online design research guide. This would explain why my IxD peeps like to get down to business and verify later. I do a lot of “blue sky” projects, looking 5 years out. It’s fun, and you don’t have to user test your results. A group user session to gauge general acceptability is plenty.



And card sorting. Always fun and useful! The ever-popular IDEO deck is fun…but I found this cool Social Innovation Lab SILK Method Deck. Looking forward to unpacking it.

And then there’s always the IDSA research section with some goodies about mode mapping and pattern mining….


More later?


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